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Why you should join the SHARE register and what it involves

You join SHARE by providing your name, postcode and date of birth which allows SHARE to identify you. In joining you are agreeing to allow SHARE secure access to the coded health information data in your various NHS computer medical records to check whether you might be suitable for health research projects happening in Scotland. Access to your information is strictly controlled and is only used to find out if you are suitable to take part in research. There is no commitment to take part in any health studies but by signing up you are also agreeing to be contacted should a relevant opportunity arise in the future.

Joining the SHARE register only takes a minute but will significantly increase the effectiveness of health research in Scotland. Many studies and researchers find it difficult to identify suitable people in Scotland even when we know that particular conditions are common. And many people in Scotland would participate if they knew a suitable healthcare study was available.

Please tell others about SHARE and encourage them to grow the SHARE community. Together we can make a real difference to Scotland’s health.