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What’s new with SHARE

In this section you will be able to read all the latest news on the SHARE initiative. In the coming months, as the SHARE community grows, we’ll be providing updates from the team on current activity as well as information on forthcoming health trials in Scotland which you can take part in.

We’ll also highlight some of the people who are helping us in our drive to improve Scotland’s health by signing up to the register and bring you news from partners across the health sector who are supporting this great new project.

Lord Provost Becomes 200,000th SHARE Signatory at Celebration of Global Diabetes Partnership

Lord Provost of Dundee Ian Borthwick became the 200,000th signatory to the SHARE register.

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A Special Lecture to Celebrate Reaching 200,000 Registrants

Dr V Mohan will be giving a special presentation tilted 'Tackling the diabetes epidemic in India-some success stories from Chennai' followed by Professor Colin Palmer discussing 'Precision medicine in diabetes in the UK.'

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The Human Genome Project: Where are we now?

Professor Colin Palmer, co-Director of SHARE, is giving a lecture about the Human Genome Project (HGP) and how mapping the human genome has translated into current research and precision medicine.

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We need to talk about genomics

Healthcare is changing. Just as in the 15th century, explorers left Europe to discover what lay beyond the horizon, 21st-century medical scientists are delving into a realm that was previously out of reach: our genetic code.

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How big data is being used to tackle chronic disease in Scotland

Scotland is leading the way within the field of precision medicine, but how is big data helping tackle chronic disease?

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SHARE Study Helps Identify a Genetic Variant Associated with Statin Use and Muscle Pain

A University of Dundee study, led by SHARE Director Professor Colin Palmer, has found that some people are genetically predisposed to suffering muscular aches and pains when taking statins, and therefore may stop taking their medication.

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SHARE Director Involved in New Global Health Research Unit Targeting Respiratory Health in Asia

One of SHARE's Director's, Professor Brian McKinstry, is going to be involved with a new research group called RESPIRE, which aims to reduce the number of deaths caused by respiratory diseases in Asia.

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New Study Testing the Delivery of the Best Asthma Treatment Based on Genetics

A new study has found that gene testing can help find the right medicine for children who suffer from asthma.

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SHARE Paper Published in BMJ

An exciting day in the SHARE office as a new paper detailing the great work we do has been published in the British Medical Journal.

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How SHARE Can Help Find New Drugs

What if you carried a genetic mutation that left you nearly impervious to heart disease? What if scientists could then harness the positive effects of these genetic mutations to manufacture a drug that could then be used to treat everybody else?

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